Thursday, September 25, 2008

Modern Sounds On Thursday: The Kings Of Leon, 'Crawl'

So 'The Kings Of Leon' have a new album out and it's quite impressive. Needless to say jaded critics everywhere have dubbed the album a clear evolution in their sound, and for once they might be right. The band are now poised to rule over the indie rock scene for the next six months like some kind of U2/ Coldplay hybrid without the bombastic moments that cripple each of those tepid naval gazers.

So why not get a headstart on the inevitable and download some songs from 'Only By The Night'. You haven’t been living under a rock I take it, so you've heard the lead single 'Sex On Fire' and loved it, once you've tired of it's slick rhythms why not move onto the likely next single 'Crawl'.

It comes on like grinding industrial drill and builds to an utterly blinding chorus leaving you a sweaty mess on the floor, pondering the enormity of it all. With buzz-saw guitars and a pulsing steel groove still burning your ears you'll be left wondering just when our friends from Tennessee learned to ditch the southern rock leanings and drag us with them on a post-punk trip into a new intoxicating landscape. Transcendent.

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