Thursday, December 18, 2008

Underrated Albums: Part 1

Bob Dylan: Slow Train Coming (1979) The first album from his much maligned ‘christian’ period is a total winner. A classic album with Mark Knopfler on it, what gives ?

Prince: Around the World in a Day (1985) At the time it was known as the disappointing follow-up to ‘Purple Rain’, but the years have been kind to this experimental psychedelic masterpiece…….and yes it has ‘Raspberry Beret’ on it…….oh, you all love it now, of course.

Van Morrison: No Guru, No Method, No Teacher (1986) By the mid eighties the casual fans had turned away from Van because of his refusal to do another ‘Astral Weeks’. Then, when they weren’t looking, he produced his best work in donkeys years which would even rival the aforementioned untouchable album.

Metallica: Load (1996) It was a natural progression for the band to slow the tempos down after the success of ‘The Black Album’. Even though the hardcore refused to follow, you can’t deny the quality of songs like ‘Bleeding Me’ and ‘The Outlaw Torn’.

Led Zeppelin: Presence (1976) Led Zep had pleased their fans over and over again with their patented brand of heavy blues. By the mid seventies other influences started to creep in (Disco anyone ?) and the fans were none to pleased, which is probably why this was met with such a tepid response. Write it off at your peril.

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Derek said...

did ja notice Van did Astral weeks live recently?

This DVD I must get!!

Yes, agree with No Guru .. and Slow Train coming.

My contribution to the List: Bo Hansson, "Lord of the Rings".