Sunday, December 28, 2008

Underrated: Part 2

Scott Walker: Climate Of Hunter (1984) After some time in the creative wilderness, Walker returned with this dark slab of eighties doom (fretless bass included). He even refused to name four of the tracks because it gave the listener a false preconception. Beat that Coldplay.

Miles Davis: In A Silent Way (1969) He was thinking ambient before anybody really thought about ambient……..and you can’t play it at dinner parties, which means I prefer it to ‘Kind Of Blue’ immediately.

Talk Talk: Spirit Of Eden (1988) More people need to recognise the genius of Mark Hollis. I mean honestly, how do you classify this album?

Rain Tree Crow (1991) People couldn’t get past the Japan tag, which is a shame because this is one of the best albums of the early nineties.

Radiohead: Amnesiac (2001) ‘When will they make another OK Computer?’ they asked, the rest of us were pretty enamoured with the new stuff ……

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