Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Essential 10: Bruce Springsteen (Part 1)

Chronological Order

1. The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle (1973): After the busy Dylanesque lyricism of his debut, Bruce moved in a jazzy direction for his second album, and although it still very Bruce trying to find his niche, it contains enough panache to achieve classic status.

2. Born to Run (1975): Given a massive budget by the record company in one last push for stardom, Springsteen underwent a painstaking process to achieve that certain sound (wall of sound production, sung by Roy Orbison apparently). After the recording, re-recording and many hours of studio time later he still wasn't satisfied by the result. Everybody else thinks its pretty good Bruce, in fact one of the greatest albums ever .........

3. Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978): A bitter legal dispute prevented the release of an album for 3 years, but the long wait was certainly worth it. He made the conscious decision to avoid making “Born to Run 2”, relying more on the themes of regret, hopeless struggle and crushed dreams. Incredible album.

4. The River (1980): The Rock & Roll revival double album ! One half demented driving rockers with throwaway lyrics, one half introspective kitchen sink dramas, in other words vintage Springsteen.

5. Nebraska (1982): Initially intended to serve as demos for the next E-Street Band record, Springsteen liked the stark homemade atmosphere of the music and put the songs out as a solo acoustic album. The most bleak and haunting musical vision Bruce has yet released.

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Darkness is a classic.
yes, I would like the Castrovalva treatment for a new volume on Darkness we are researching: