Monday, January 26, 2009

We Make A Little History: The Essential Nick Cave (Part 1)

With the Bad Seeds, unless stated.

1. The Birthday Party: Junkyard (1982) Some vital post-punk filled with unprecedented levels of gothic fury and anger.

2. From Her To Eternity (1984): The classic debut album, with that very special title track.

3. Your Funeral… My Trial (1986): Cave was mired in addiction at the time of recording, which is evidenced by the rather murky atmosphere. Despite this, he hits new heights lyrically making this a truly remarkable album.

4. Tender Prey (1988): The one with ‘The Mercy Seat’ on it …….and nine other wonderful songs, from his most corrosive era.

5. The Good Son (1990): Following a period of abstention from the dreaded demons, Cave went to Brazil and came back a new man. Calmer, more serene and writing some of the best songs of his career. You need this.

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