Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Under-Appreciated Stones and Hot Rocks

Slave: Great groove based tune that builds impressively with a lazy reggae inflected drumbeat, tumbling piano lines and an outrageous sax solo. Tattoo You (1981)

Memory Motel: An epic from the patchy Black & Blue album, and one of the few to feature a shared lead vocal between Jagger and Richards. Black & Blue (1976)

Star Star (aka Starf**ker): Based around (yet another) recycled Chuck Berry lick, but nobody does this kind of thing better and the lyrics are quality. Goats Head Soup (1973)

Soul Survivor: Why is the final track from ‘Exile…’ so underrated? It’s got all the essential ingredients: Legendary riff, check. Rock solid rhythm section, check. Mick going over the top, double check. Exile on Main Street (1972)

Memo From Turner: Ok, so it’s more of a Jagger solo effort from the ‘Performance’ soundtrack than a Stones song, but its got an authentic bluesy vibe and Ry Cooder on slide-guitar. Performance (1970)

Sister Morphine: ‘Here I lie in my hospital bed’, goes the first line as Ry Cooder (him again) plays some sinuous bottleneck adding a third dimension to the dank atmosphere. Sticky Fingers (1971)

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