Thursday, January 8, 2009

Post-Punk: Start Again. Part 1

Following on the heels of the initial punk explosion of the mid to late seventies, a host of the new generation took the genre to new places while retaining the roots of the punk ideal.

By adding musical inflections of a more introverted, abstract and experimental nature, they changed the way we thought about punk rock. The waves of this movement are still felt today, with legions of young pretenders.

Joy Division, ‘Unknown Pleasures’: Influential. Very.

Magazine, ‘Real Life’: The definitive post-punk statement, courtesy of Howard Devoto and company.

Public Image Ltd., ‘Metal Box’: It’s got those visceral Jah Wobble basslines and John Lydon ranting like a maniac. Ferocious.

Pere Ubu, ‘The Modern Dance’: The essential debut. Skin crawling claustrophobia from Cleveland, Ohio.

The Chameleons, ‘Script of the Bridge’: Yet another lost classic of the era. Think soaring melodies and angular guitars.

The Pop Group, ‘Y’: The dubby side of post-punk. It’s darkly political with an infectious funky vibe. Classic stuff.

Wire, ‘154’: Something of a masterpiece in the genre. But you already knew that, right ?

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